Automatic Flexiload Server

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Auto Flexiload Server:

Auto Flexiload Server / Group online Auto Flexiload Software

Auto Flexiload system is one of our well-known application in the market. There is two Flexiload, Manual system and Automated system. Manual system can be used in every country to provide online mobile credit/ Bkash / Mobile Banking recharge service.
Right now many people using our online auto flexiload system, its supports Bangladeshi mobile operators. It will provide automated recharge for Bangladeshi mobile operators. In this system our server will automatically recharge all orders.
We have another feture that is group number load for BOX / CB / Getway / Route user.
You can use reseller system with group load
you can use only group load
you can add any number in a goup that can be 8 / 16/ 32/ 64 etc number and send to load within 1 second.
Online auto flexiLoad system can works with all mobile operator.
Feture is very user friendly, any one can use this online auto flexiload.
We have demo. If you need frist you can see Demo then make order.



Product Details

Do you think about Flexiload software or Auto Flexiload software or Frexiload server or Auto Flexiload server or Flexiload reseller system? You have many questions about this but we have one solution about your all query. Our Auto flexiload server and auto flexiload software can gives you to all types of service that you looking for.’s Automatic Flexiload Software or Flexiload Server called auto Flexiload Software is the most advanced and updated flexiload software and server. Our system works as automatic mobile recharge system, so start you flexiload business in smart. You can recharge any Bangladeshi Mobile and bKash, DBBL (Dutchbangla Mobile Banking) Balance from anywhere in the world using our Software; we are providing total hardware and software solution for it. We give you after sales service. We have no hidden cost.
Our available software and features:
Group FlexiLoad
Schedule FlexiLoad
SMS Marketing
Auto Schedule SMS
Group SMS
Bulk SMS
bKash IN & OUT
Auto Schedul bKash

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements: A laptop/PC with
Dual core/core2Duo/coreI3 or higher processor
USB supported mainboard
HDD: 250GB SATA or more
RAM: 2 GB or more
OS: (Optional) Any
Monitor: For installation only
USB Port: 

WOW64 Support:

WOW64 (Windows 32-bit on Windows 64-bit) is a feature of 64-bit editions of Windows that enables 32-bit applications to run natively in 32-bit mode. Applications function in 32-bit mode, even though the underlying operating system is a 64-bit operating system. WOW64 is not supported for SQL Server 2017 installations. However, Management Tools are supported in WOW64.